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“Predestination” (Spierig, 2014)

January 28, 2015

The fact that SF Anytime categorize this movie under “thriller” and not “sci-fi” illustrate how big data thinking can make us behave very stupidly. This is one of the most sci-fiy stories I know! The original story by Heinlein is absolutely wonderful; witty, thoughtful, scary. The movie adaptation was something I just had to see, but I had my doubts. However, it translated quite well! A meandering, complex plot is told in a quite easy to follow way, and the choice to actually stay within the dates that the story used (twentieth century dates) is really, really good, making the movie a stylish, intriguing version of a twentieth century that almost was. So, it’s not only a time travel story, but also an alternative story or lost futures story. It is the kind of movie that stays with you, bouncing around in the back of my head the day after. See it!


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