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Gender issues in The Equalizer

October 2, 2014

The Equalizer (2014); I am a bit disappointed. I liked the slow Western style build-up, setting the stage for the big show-down. But, read it from a gender issue perspective, and think about what it says about sexuality. First, it is yet again the heroic man that revenges a helpless woman, we have seen that before, and it i still b-o-r-i-n-g. But then, how is this her portrayed? One of his virtues is that he is living in celibacy. His platonic relationship with the beautiful prostitute suggest that he is completely asexual. That can be read as a positive thing; he appreciate her as a human, and not an object. That’s fine. But there is another, darker reading – he is pure because he doesn’t have any lust. But he has a lust for killing. So the bottom-line of that reading is that sex is wrong, violence is good. We have seen that before as well, and it is not a good message this time either.


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