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“The Man Who Saved the World” (Peter Anthony, 2015)

A mix of dramatization and interviews about a russian who DIDN’T fire nukes; stylish, ambitious, but also makes you wonder what is true here really?


“Branded” (Jamie Bradshaw & Aleksandr Dulerayn, 2012)

Strange Russian movie about advertising and a revolt around this; pretty un-interesting, a disappointment.

“San Andreas” (Brad Peyton, 2915)

Destruction simulations galore, when half-decent actors play out a half-decent story about a family trying to unite during an enormous earthquake.

Winter games

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2
Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

The NEW versus the OLD. Let the games begin!

“Pom Poko” (Isao Takahata, 1994).

As always with movies from Studio Ghibli a sensible story with an ecological subtext, and very beautiful and spectacular imagery; simply wonderful!

The Forbidden Room

…looks absolutely unique, crazy and wonderful.

Two movies coming up about famous social experiments that went wrong!

Experimenter (Almereyda, 2015)

The Stanford Prison Experiment (Alvarez, 2015)